Rigging Toolbox
Rigging Toolbox

Rigging tool created to help me work faster in maya.

The basic idea came about from my time at The Mill, I needed a tool that could get dynamics from Maya into Unreal , the example at the time was a mirror shattering effect with lots of pieces being animated.

I solved the problem by constraining joints to each animated mesh, baking animation on the joints as to retain the movement and after I retroactively skin the mesh pieces back onto the joints, this then leaves me with an animated skeletal mesh to use and manipulate in unreal.

This then grew into a full rigging toolbox that you can see demoed here. Over time I have continue to add more features and tried to tie it all together ,

You can see many of the tool's previous versions in the GIFs below as I continued to update it to its current state. (First image)

Tool built with Python

More artwork
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